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Get the Support You Need

At eobee we like to think of ourselves as gap fillers, our job isn't to sell you things you don't need. It's to provide support where you need it to help you excel.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Do you have a thirst for data? If so you are already nodding. Digging into the data on your own in easy and meaningful ways is important to you. 

We will get you started with pre-built dashboards and then toss you the keys to your data as you customize your own dashboards and reports to what you actually need.

Industry Leading Experts

Advisors & Analysts

Does the idea of digging into your own data sound great.... IF you had time?


We can give you a hand with that. We have national experts on Revenue Cycle Management (that literally wrote the book on it) who can support you in evaluating your data and providing insights and next step suggestions.

Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services

Need more time, more hands, and more energy? 

We've got you. We have advisors, coders, claims specialists, appeals management team members and more to fill in where you need us.

Jason Steeprow,

Executive Director in Portland OR

"I've spent just shy of two decades in healthcare, with a large focus on the revenue cycle and financial side of the house. I'm always mining for pearls of wisdom as I read through expert articles or attending conference engagements. I had the pleasure of attending a small meeting format with Kem & Taya and it was a goldrush of relatable, practical, and actionable information. They have an ironclad grasp on the revenue and financial landscape of healthcare with a passionate mission to serve those who work tirelessly to heal and care for the individuals in their communities. I would recommend you explore their books, podcasts, or find a venue where they are speaking - you will benefit from this small investment of time!"

Welcome to the start
of a better Revenue Cycle.

Revenue Cycle Management doesn't work in a silo, nor does it work without the adequate support of your team, your technology, and your business workflows. 

If you're looking for a better revenue cycle, you've come to the right place.


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