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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't want to brag or anything but we do have a good number of friends and colleagues.

From time to time we get a question about eobee, and how we do what we do. Take a look below to see if your question is answered in the topics below and if not just give us a shout.

Access to Kem & Taya

Kem & Taya stay pretty busy between podcasting, authoring, and teaching but they will not stay out of hands-on client services! This isn't a complaint as much as a testament to their character. If you're working with us, at some point you will work directly with one or both of them. In fact, they have a hand in setting the strategic plans and goals of every advisory client.

APIs, HL7s, & More

Fun Fact: The other channel of our company focuses on software and custom builds. Integrations in various methods are well within our wheelhouse.

A/R Fees

We stand in solidarity with our clients. If you don't get paid, then we don't invoice you.

External Referrals

We have no desire to do it all, for that reason we have a carefully curated group of business partners that we've seen be ethical and supportive inside the healthcare industry. If you need a service we don't offer just ask about it, chances are good that we know a company that can help.

Industry Partners

Absolutely! We believe that transparency and collaboration in healthcare should be much more prevalent so we are always happy to work with ethical organizations focused on healthcare industry improvement. It takes a village!

Patient Collections

We get this question a lot and we totally understand it. We don't currently offer patient collection services but we do know this is a pain point so stay tuned. We are developing future solutions to help you out here.

Service Selection

It's super common to be uncertain about what services you actually need. We don't believe in being everything to everyone, nor do we want to. We will always review your options with you but we will also tell you if there is a service we don't think you'll see benefit out of. Why? Because if we sell you on something you don't actually need, then you won't see benefit in it and keep using it. So it's kind of self serving honestly :)

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