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If you saw our homepage then you probably already know that we really like to provide services that support healthcare management and especially solid revenue cycle management delivery. Our goal is to fill gaps, we'd much rather help you where you need help, than sell you on something you don't.  To that end we have three main categories of services

  • Data Analytics

  • Advisory Services

  • Outsourced Services

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Data Analytics

Our eobee platform offers a host of benefits including detailed analysis of the data we receive.

Whether you want to dig into your claims data, financial data, or other data, we can ingest it for you and give you a hand with the slicing and dicing necessary to get what you need out of it.

Pie charts with different claims analytics data

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A/R charts for analyzing balance by A/R bucket over time

Advisory Services

We have a team of advisors led by national Revenue Cycle Management Experts to support you in evaluating your data, performing revenue cycle assessments, and providing insights on improvement activities. 

Examples of RCM advisory assessment slides

Advisory services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Assessments

  • Workflow & Skill Gap Evaluations

  • Coding Assessments

  • Write-Off Audits

  • Strategic Revenue Cycle Planning

  • Quarterly Assessments

  • Utilization Analyses

  • Remote or On-Site Training & Education


Other services are also available, just give us a shout. We love a unique challenge and to help as many facilities/clinics as possible.

Outsourced Services

We know your time is precious because we've literally been there. Our eobee leadership team has hands-on experience in practice and facility management including medical office management, hospital leadership, claims management and more.

We offer a host of outsourced services but the most popular of these is our outsourced Accounts Receivable service. Using client-defined scopes, we pull work lists and work your A/R. Think of it like gaining another employee, we can fill a fraction of an FTE, a full FTE, or multiple. 

We take pride in filling gaps so just bring us in where you need us, easy setup and a high-level of team communication make this such a wonderful service. Lastly, because we believe in being fair, for outsourced A/R services we don't get paid unless you do. 

All in!

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